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What is OktoBEEfest?

This is the logo for OktoBeefest

Held every October, OktoBEEfest brings active-duty, retired and former Navy Seabees, Civil Engineer Corps officers, friends and families together in different geographic areas for camaraderie and networking. OktoBEEfest events are hosted by the newly merged Navy Seabee Foundation (NSF), in partnership with the Seabee Veterans of America (SVA). These events serve as both FUNDraisers and FRIENDraisers. Consider hosting an event in your area -- we keep it simple! Click here for details about hosting.


Norfolk, VA / Cleveland, OH / Guam / Ventura, CA / Rota, Spain / Lubbock, TX / Roanoke, VA / Naples, Italy / San Antonio, TX  / Denver, CO  / Boston, MA  / Chicago, IL / San Diego, CA  / Jacksonville, FL  / Georgetown, KY / Jacksonville, NC* / Port Orchard, WA  / Oahu, HI / Washington, D.C.  / Gulfport, MS / Salt Lake City, UT

2023 OktoBEEfest Sposors
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