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about smsa

The Seabee Memorial Scholarship Association (SMSA) is the nation’s only provider of need-based scholarships exclusively to the children and grandchildren of America’s fighting Seabees and Civil Engineer Corps (CEC) officers attending accredited colleges and universities.   



Building a “Can Do” Legacy Through Education


In 1970, the Seabee Memorial Association was formed to sponsor and build a monument in Washington, DC to honor the memory of those who served in Naval Construction Battalions. 


As the Memorial was being constructed, the Association changed to the Seabee Memorial Scholarship Association (SMSA) to provide scholarships for the children of Seabees and CEC Officers. 































the Seabee Memorial

Learn more about Seabee service to America.​ 

Leadership and Board


Members of the Association include all Seabees and friends of the Seabees who have contributed funds toward the Association’s purpose.  


The Board of Directors is composed of volunteer CEC officers and Seabees and corporate executives committed to providing educational opportunities to Seabee Families. 


The Scholarship Selection Committee consists of a cross-section of officer and enlisted Seabees and includes the former Force Master Chief of the Seabees, representatives of the Seabee Veterans of America, and other supporters of the SMSA. The board meets annually in May to review applications and select scholarship recipients for the upcoming school year. 

Rear Admiral Giorgione, Past Chairman of the board of the Seabee Memorial Scholarship Association

SMSA has awarded scholarships to over 1000 students, valued at more than $7 million since 1972.

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