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Quick Facts

The work of the navy seabee foundation
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Seabee Memorial Scholarships have been awarded since 1972 as a part of the initial fundraising efforts of the Seabee Memorial in Washington, D.C. The Navy Seabee Foundation now oversees the scholarship program and offers Seabee Scholarships for the children and grandchildren of US Navy Seabees. 

Scholarships are awarded for accredited four-year bachelor's degrees, two-year associates degrees or Career & Technical Education (CTE) degrees (12-18 month career and technical education programs). Applications are available online from January 2-April 15 each year. Click here to see if you qualify.

Over the years, the Seabee Memorial Scholarship has increased the value of each scholarship from $600 to as much as $5,200, and the number of students with Seabee scholarships in any year has grown from 6 to over 190. 



History & Heritage

The CEC/Seabee Historical Foundation (Now a part of the Navy Seabee Foundation) built the U.S. Navy Seabee Museum, in Port Hueneme, CA in 2011. Dedicated to preserving Seabee history, the Foundation provides for programs, exhibits, and activities. This commitment extends to the Seabee Heritage Center in Gulfport, MS, further enriching the Seabee legacy.

Additionally, the Navy Seabee Foundation has played a crucial role in the recent restoration of the Chapel in the Pines at the Seabee Museum and Memorial Park in Davisville, RI.

Looking ahead, the Foundation plans include renovation of the Seabee Memorial in Washington, D.C. and and ongoing support for Seabee monuments and memorials across the nation.


Supporting Seabees

The Navy Seabee Foundation contributes to Seabee battalion family groups (FRGs), increasing their ability to provide dedicated assistance to Seabees and their families. The support of the Foundation enables FRGs to have more impact and support within the Seabee community.


In addition to supporting the essential work of FRGs, the Foundation supports noteworthy annual Seabee gatherings, such as the All Seabee Reunions and OktoBEEfest events. These gatherings serve to unite Seabees, Navy Civil Engineer Corps (CEC) officers, and their friends and family for camaraderie, and lasting connections within the Seabee community.

As the newly formed Navy Seabee Foundation kicks off it's inaugural year in 2024, watch for many more initiatives and events for our Seabee community!

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