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SMSA Awards $319,500 In Scholarships for 2019

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

The Seabee Memorial Scholarship Association (SMSA) announced today that scholarships totaling $319,500 were awarded to ninety children and grandchildren of US Navy Seabees and Civil Engineer Corps Officers. There are 25 first time freshman students and 65 returning upper class students in the group.

The SMSA has awarded over $5.6 million in total scholarship funds to over 900 different students since 1972. The 90 current recipients, from 31 different states, will be studying at schools like Purdue, Northwestern, Arizona State, The Citadel, Baylor, Texas A&M, UNC Chapel Hill, Syracuse and Virginia Tech among many others. There are three different scholarship types awarded by the SMSA: Career and Technical Education (CTE)-typically 12-18-month education programs; two-year associate degree scholarships and four-year baccalaureate scholarships.

In the current group of 90 scholarship recipients, 63% are studying STEM, 28% are first generation college students and 80% are sponsored by an enlisted Seabee parent or grandparent. Two students are the children of Seabees who were wounded in combat.

Commenting on the announcement, CAPT Mike Blount, CEC, USN, Ret., Chairman of the Board for the SMSA, said “We are excited to announce this talented group of scholarship recipients. I know they will go on to change the world in their respective fields.”

Scholarships are awarded once a year. The deadline for scholarship applications for the 2020 application cycle is April 15th, 2020. Information on scholarships can be found at

Here is a full list of scholarship recipients.


Hometown-Grand Rapids, MI

College-Purdue University, IN Planned Major-Biology (Pre-Vet)

Seabee Sponsor-BU1 Clem Bell- CBU 415 NAS Oceana

Brandon Boswell

Hometown-Reno, NV

College-University of Nevada, Reno, NV Planned Major-Biology

Seabee Sponsor-EO2 Gary Boswell- NSA Danang, Vietnam

Madison Bowell

Hometown-Long Beach, MS

College-DePauw University, Greencastle, IN Planned Major-International Business with Economics

Seabee Sponsor-LT John Oliver III- CBC Gulfport

Katelyn Crockett

Hometown-Swansea, IL

College-Purdue University, IN Planned Major-Electrical Engineering

Seabee Sponsor-BMSN Daniel Crockett- NMCRC, St. Louis, MO

Lara Federspiel

Hometown-Pembroke, MA

College-Savannah College of Art and Design, GA Planned Major-User Experience Design

Seabee Sponsor-UT1 Jeff Federspiel- NMCB 27

Anna Grace Hilton

Hometown-Lincoln, NE

College-University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE Planned Major-Biochemistry

Seabee Sponsor-LCDR John Hilton- NMCB 15 Belton, MO

Catherine Hudson

Hometown-Morton, MS

College-Mississippi College, MS Planned Major-undecided - helping children

Seabee Sponsor-CM3 Walter Hudson- NMCB 5

Joshua Irvin

Hometown-Congerville, IL

College-Northwestern University , IL Planned Major-Computer Science

Seabee Sponsor-SF2 Maurice Irvin- 10th Special NMCB ABRB Port Hueneme

Lauren Johns

Hometown-Milford, PA

College-University of Florida, FL Planned Major-Animal-Equine Science

Seabee Sponsor-EO2 Allen Johns III- NMCB 21, Det 0521

Aaron Keathley

Hometown-Lincoln Park, MI

College-Wayne State University, MI Planned Major-Economics & Psychology

Seabee Sponsor-SW3 Randall Keathley- NMCB 3

Sarah Keiser

Hometown-San Antonio, TX

College-University of Texas, San Antonio, TX Planned Major-Mathematics

Seabee Sponsor-LCDR Robert Keiser- NCTC Port Hueneme

Bridget Krause

Hometown-West Bend, WI

College-Arizona State University, AZ Planned Major-Biophysics

Seabee Sponsor-EO3 Thomas Krause- NMCB 3

Julianne Marquart

Hometown-Oakley, CA

College-California State University, Sacramento, CA Planned Major-Criminal Justice

Seabee Sponsor-UT1 Ronald Marquart- NMCB 18

Kathryn Martin

Hometown-Coweta, OK

College-Oklahoma State University, OK Planned Major-Mechanical Engineering

Seabee Sponsor-LCDR Walter Catrett, Jr.- EFD Pacific NAS Dallas, TX

Christopher Maslyar

Hometown-Springville, PA

College-Johnson College, PA Planned Major-Carpentry

Seabee Sponsor-EO1 Robert Maslyar- NMCB 21 Lakehurst, NJ

Destiny Mitma

Hometown-Bellevue, ID

College-Central Oregon Community College, OR Planned Major-Psychology

Seabee Sponsor-EO2 Dina Mitma- NMCB 18, Port Hueneme

Ethan Moll

Hometown-Marysville, WA

College-Shoreline Comm College/Western WA U, WA Planned Major-Digital Audio Engineering

Seabee Sponsor-EQCM Alexander Moll- NAFVAC Contingency OICC

Kelsey Morgan

Hometown-Burkburnett, TX

College-Arizona State University, AZ Planned Major-Biology

Seabee Sponsor-CE1 Douglas Morgan- CSFE Det Sheppard, TX

Elizabeth Orlando

Hometown-Berkley, MA

College-Arizona State University, AZ Planned Major-Earth & Space Exploration (Astrophysics)

Seabee Sponsor-SW3 Walter Godlewski- MCB 12 Vietnam

Charles Pacheco

Hometown-Suffolk, VA

College-The Citadel, SC Planned Major-Business

Seabee Sponsor-BUC Edward Pacheco- COMNAVBEACHGRU 2 Norfolk, VA

Luke Sargent

Hometown-San Diego, CA

College-St. Olaf College, MN Planned Major-Trumpet Performance

Seabee Sponsor-LT Twig Sargent- NMCB 11

Graham Seiler

Hometown-Auburn, IN

College-Indiana University, IN Planned Major-Mathematics

Seabee Sponsor-EOC Scott Seiler- NMCB 26, Detroit, MI

Elizabeth Shingleton

Hometown-Wake Forest, NC

College-University of North Carolina, NC Planned Major-Biochemistry

Seabee Sponsor-BU1 David Shingleton- NMCB 25 Afghanistan

Dustin Sloan

Hometown-Peoria, AZ

College-Arizona State University Polytechnic, AZ Planned Major-Software Engineering

Seabee Sponsor-CM1 James Sloan- COMNAVELSF, Williamsburg, VA

Jake Vorburger

Hometown-Saint Johns, FL

College-University of Charleston, WV Planned Major-Sports Business

Seabee Sponsor-EO1 Michael Vorburger- NMCB 14 NAS Jacksonville, FL

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