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The SMSA Calendar is a major fundraiser each year for the scholarship fund. If you would like to receive a calendar send an email to 

SMSA Challenge Coins

SMSA Challenge Coins are $20 plus $3 shipping. Send $23 to:​

SMSA Challenge Coins
PO BOX 667
Gulfport, MS 39502 

Or through PayPal. Enter "Challenge Coin" in comment section. 

SMSA is in the Combined Federal Campaign!

Our CFC # is  11959


Memorial Gifts 

Many people choose to make a memorial gift to the SMSA in memory of a Seabee who has passed away. To make a memorial gifts, simply send the gift to the donation address to the left marked "Memorial Gift." Be sure to include the name of the person who you are memorializing. You can also download a memorial gift form here. SMSA lists these gifts once a year in our newsletter. 

Planned Giving

To learn more about how you can make the most of a gift to the SMSA through planned giving, click here.  Planned giving utilizes tax advantaged gifts that are given now or in the future. 

Matching Gifts

Many companies will match your gift to the SMSA. Click here to see if your employer will double your donation. 

SMSA Calendar

You Can help!

There are many ways you can support the SMSA:

Get Involved!

We need volunteers to host and manage new events to benefit the SMSA.  You can start a golf tournament or 5K in your area or volunteer to be a part of one of our existing events. 

Named Scholarships (Endowments)

With an Endowment, you can create a Named Scholarship that will last into the future and your generosity will be recognized for many generations.  Every person, unit, or organization that contributes $50,000 may have a scholarship awarded in their name or a name of their choice.  Named Scholarships can be funded in a number of ways.  Planning a contribution to the SMSA can maximize the efficiency of your charitable gift.  Furthermore, since most of your assets are not likely to be in the form of cash, planned giving offers a variety of giving options other than gifts from your cash assets.

Direct Donations

You can make a secure donation anytime to the SMSA by clicking the button to the right.  You can make a donation to the Annual Fund, to a new or existing endowment or to the Fallen Seabee Scholarship Fund.

Send Donations to:

​PO Box 667
​Gulfport, MS 39502


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