Seabee Memorial ​Scholarship Association 

SMSA Named Scholarships 

 There are 133 scholarships named after individuals, battalions or companies. These perpetual scholarships were funded by companies, individuals, families, battalions and the Seabee Veterans of American. You can add a perpetual scholarship with a donation of $50,000. 

1. BERT PERKINS/RMK-BRJ SCHOLARSHIP - Established by the Morrison- Knudsen Company in the name of Bert Perkins. Raymond, Morrison-Knudsen, Brown & Root, and J.A. Jones, was the largest pool or consortium of construction firms in American history and provided a major contribution to the military construction effort during the Vietnam conflict. Bert Perkins was chairman of the RMK-BRJ operating committee in Vietnam.

2. THE REAR ADMIRAL GEORGE REIDER  & GERARD A. NEUMANN SCHOLARSHIP - Established in 1972 by Admirals Reider and Neumann. Rear Admiral Reider (USNR-R) was the first Commander of the First Reserve Naval Construction Brigade and served with the Seabees in the Pacific during World War II. Mr. Gerard Neumann was Chairman of the Board of a marine construction firm, Spearin, Preston, and Burrows.

3. ADMIRAL BEN MOREELL SCHOLARSHIP - Admiral Ben Moreell founded the Navy Seabees on March 5, 1942. During World War II, he organized a Naval Construction Force of over ten thousand officers and a quarter-million men. He was Chairman of the Seabee Memorial Scholarship Association until his death in 1978 at the age of 85. Admiral Moreell's deeds and accomplishments place him among the great naval leaders in American history.

4. THE UT3 C.S. CUMMINS SCHOLARSHIP (NMCB-ONE) - Established through contributions from the personnel of NMCB One in memory of UT3 C. S. Cummins who was killed in a construction accident while deployed with NMCB One on the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean in 1971. The Seabee Camp at Diego Garcia was later dedicated as Camp Cummins.
5. THE HUNTER WHARTON/I.U.O.E. SCHOLARSHIP - Mr. Wharton was National President of the International Union of Operating Engineers (I.U.O.E.) from 1962 until 1976. His desire to memorialize the thousands of I.U.O.E. members who served in the Seabees led to the establishment of the Hunter P. Wharton/I.U.O.E. Scholarship.  He was also one of the founding directors of the Seabee Memorial Scholarship Association (SMSA). His enthusiasm, generosity and support were instrumental in establishing the SMSA. The I.U.O.E. is a labor union of over 420,000 members.  A few more than 300,000 of its members are construction workers, operating and repairing heavy equipment such as cranes and bulldozers.  About 100,000 members are stationary engineers, who operate the power generation, heating, and cooling equipment used in factories, office buildings, and hospitals.  Other members work in petroleum refineries and related industries. Established in 1869, the I.U.O.E. now serves members throughout the United States and Canada, from Maine to Guam, and Alaska to the Canal Zone. The union's headquarters is in Washington, D. C.

6. FRANK BONADIO/BUILDING TRADES AFL-CIO SCHOLARSHIP - Organized on February 10, 1908, the Department is composed of 17 National and International Unions operating in the United States and Canada. It was organized February 10, 1908, and its membership is in excess of five million. Mr. Bonadio served as Secretary-Treasurer of the Department and was its President at the time the significant contribution to our Association was made which established the scholarship in their names.

7. THE HELEN M. BENLINE SCHOLARSHIP - Established by Captain Arthur Benline in memory of his sister. Captain Benline served as Officer-in-Charge of the 70th Naval Construction Battalion during World War II, and worked closely with the late Admiral Ben Moreell. Since that time, he has remained a very active supporter of the Seabees and the Civil Engineer Corps.

8. THE REAR ADMIRAL JOHN R. PERRY SCHOLARSHIP - Established in 1978 by The Brown Foundation in memory of Admiral Perry. RADM John R. Perry was a former Chief of Civil Engineers and Commander of Bureau of Yards and Docks from November 1953 to September 1955.

9. THE REAR ADMIRAL "ACE" HUSBAND SCHOLARSHIP - Established in 1978 by the Active Duty Civil Engineering Corp Officers under RADM Donald G. Iselin, Chief of Civil Engineers and Commander, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, following the sudden death of Admiral Husband. Admiral Husband graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1935, and earned a Master's Degree in civil engineering in 1940. In 1964, he was designated Deputy Chief of the Bureau of Yards and Docks and Deputy Chief of Naval Civil Engineers. He was appointed Chief of the Bureau and the Corps by the President effective May 1, 1965, and became Commander, Naval Facilities Engineering Command (formerly Bureau of Yards and Docks) as a result of a Navy Department reorganization. Following 34 years of naval service, Admiral Husband retired from active duty in 1969 to become vice president for construction with the Consolidated Edison Company of New York.

10. THE REAR ADMIRAL LEWIS B. COMBS SCHOLARSHIP - Established by The Brown Foundation in honor of Admiral Combs, Civil Engineer Corps, U. S. Navy (Retired), who served as Deputy Chief of the Bureau of Yards and Docks and the Naval Construction Forces during the early World War II days under Admiral Ben Moreell, Father of the Seabees. 

11. THE SEABEE VETERANS OF AMERICA WILLIAM BAKER SCHOLARSHIP (SVA#1) - The SVA is an organization comprised principally of World War II veterans from every state. Their members came from the original 10,000 officers and 300,000 men who were Seabees in World War II and they have been active in support of the scholarship goals of the SMSA. Because of their significant donations to the Association, a scholarship has been named in their honor.

12. THE SEABEE VETERANS OF AMERICA MARVIN SHIELDS SCHOLARSHIP – (SVA #2)  Marvin Shields was the first Seabee to receive the Medal of Honor "For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving with United States Navy Seabee Team 1104 at Dong Xoai, Republic of Vietnam, on 10  June 1965.  Although wounded when his compound came under attack, CM3 Shields continued to resupply his fellow Americans with needed ammunition and to return enemy fire for a period of approximately three hours, at which time the Viet Cong launched a massive attack at close range with flame throwers, hand grenades and small arms fire. Wounded a second time, Shields nevertheless assisted in carrying a more critically wounded man to safety, and then resumed firing at the enemy for four more hours.  When the Commander asked for a volunteer to accompany him in an attempt to knock out any enemy machine gun emplacement which was endangering the lives of all personnel in the compound because of the accuracy of its fire, Shields unhesitatingly volunteered.  They succeeded in destroying the enemy machine gun emplacement, thus undoubtedly saving the lives of many of their fellow servicemen in the compound.  Shields was mortally wounded by hostile fire while returning to his defensive position. His heroic initiative and great personal valor in the face of intense enemy fire sustain and enhance the finest traditions of the United States Navy.

13. THE CEC/SEABEE MUSEUM SCHOLARSHIP -Established in 1980 by the CEC/Seabee Museum Board of Governors. The CEC/Seabee Museum is located at the Naval Construction Battalion Center, the west coast "Home of the Seabees", Port Hueneme, California.  The museum collects, maintains, and displays artifacts of Seabee history and accomplishments and is open to the public.

14. THE CAPTAIN TOM MITCHELL SCHOLARSHIP - Captain Tom Mitchell was a career officer of the Navy's Civil Engineer Corps.  He was killed in 1974 in an ambush at Subic Bay in the Phillipines while he was serving as Commander of the 30th Naval Construction Regiment. At the time of his death he was riding in a jeep, inspecting a perimeter road being built by one of his Seabee detachments. During the SMSA's 1978 fund drive, all 80 active duty Civil Engineer Corps captains participated in raising the necessary funds to establish a perpetual scholarship in the name of their fallen shipmate, Captain Tom Mitchell.


16. THE NMCB-23 SCHOLARSHIP - Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 23 was a reserve Seabee battalion comprised of men and women from the District of Columbia, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. Naval reserve personnel have often been called "Twice a Citizen" because of their dual role as both civilians during the week and supporting their country as military personnel during weekends, yearly training and deployments.

17. THE NMCB-24 SCHOLARSHIP - Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 24 is a reserve Seabee battalion comprised of officers and men from Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Naval reserve personnel have often been called "Twice a Citizen" because of their dual role as both civilians during the week and supporting their country as military personnel during the weekends.

18. NMCB 13/THE CEC CHARLES R. SANCHEZ SCHOLARSHIP -Established by the officers and men of NMCB-13 and the 21st Reserve Naval Construction Regiment. Chief Sanchez enlisted in the Naval Reserve in the early 60's and became a member of RNMCB-13 shortly after his enlistment. He had an outstanding record during his career, especially for advancement in rate.  He was promoted to CEC in 1973 while heading up the military training department of the Battalion, which soon became one of the most qualified units in the Reserve Naval Construction Force.  As a New York City fireman, he became heavily involved with church youth groups, and at his own expense and on his own time, he organized a group of boys known as Junior Marines, who became frequent guests of the battalion.  In 1975, Chief Sanchez was killed while fighting a super market fire in New York City. Respected and admired by his shipmates, a memorial fund for a scholarship to be named in his memory was started by the men of his battalion in 1976.

19. THE NAVAL MOBILE CONSTRUCTION BATTALION (NMCB) 14 SCHOLARSHIP - Established in 1978 through contributions of the NMCB 14, a reserve Seabee battalion, comprised of officers and men from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.

20. THE NAVAL MOBILE CONSTRUCTION BATTALION (NMCB) 16 SCHOLARSHIP - Established in 1978 through contributions of the NMCB 16, a reserve Seabee battalion comprised of officers and men from California.

21. THE KATHLEEN CRISP SCHOLARSHIP - Established in 1978 by the Crisp Family (Hugh, Grace, Mike and Tim) in memory of their daughter and sister, Kathleen, who was killed in an automobile accident in November,1975. The Crisp Family honor Kathleen's memory through helping young people in need.

22. THE CAPTAIN F. M. DERR/U. S. NAVAL ACADEMY CLASS OF 1957 SCHOLARSHIP - Established by Captain Fred M. Derr who was one of eight members of the U. S. Naval Academy Class of 1957 commissioned directly into the Civil Engineer Corps upon graduation.  CAPT Derr remained on active duty until October, 1967, at which time he resigned his regular commission and accepted a reserve commission. He has been active in the Naval Reserve ever since.  CAPT Derr established this scholarship in 1979 in recognition of his promotion to Captain and as a tribute to his Naval Academy class.  In civilian life, CAPT Derr is President of Fred Derr and Company, Inc., a highway construction consulting company in Sarasota, Florida. He is a very active and involved member of his community.

23. THE HARRY W. MORRISON SCHOLARSHIP - Established by the Morrison-Knudsen Company, Inc. of Boise, Idaho, one of the nation's largest building firms, as a memorial to the company's co-founder, Mr. Harry W. Morrison, long-time associate and friend of the father of the Seabees, Admiral Ben Moreell.

24. THE RAYMOND INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP - Raymond International, of Houston, Texas, was started in 1987 as the Raymond Concrete Pile Company. The original Raymond was a pile-driver specialist in Nebraska. In 1908, the company drove piles for the city of Vera Cruz, Mexico. In the 1920's/1930's, they built roads, highways, ports, and railroads all over the world. Just before World War II struck, they drove the piles for the Pentagon.  In the same period, the company participated in a joint venture (Contractors, Pacific Naval Air Bases) to build Navy bases all over the Pacific.  This tremendous contracting job ran a cost of $1.5 billion. It included Naval bases and air stations at Pearl Harbor, Midway, Wake, Guam, and the Philippines.  Raymond International was chosen by the Bureau of Yards and Docks in 1961, along with Morrison-Knudsen of Boise, Idaho, as the nucleus for the construction work in Vietnam.  That organization, later known as, Raymond, Morrison-Knudsen, Brown & Root, and J.A. Jones, was the largest consortium of construction firms in American history, and provided a major contribution to the military construction effort during the Vietnam conflict.

25. CBI FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP - The "CBI Foundation Scholarship" was established by Chicago Bridge and Iron Company, one of the world's largest firms engaged in the design, fabrication and erection of plate metal structures.  The firm is headquartered in Hinsdale, Illinois, and employs more than 12,000 in projects all over the world. Their sales have been reported to be in excess of $600 million per year. Because of the significant donation received from this company, a scholarship has been named accordingly.

26. GREAT LAKES SEABEES - Established in 1979 by the reserve personnel of the 6th RNCR, RNMCB 20, and RNMCB 26 in the Great Lakes area.

27. THE NMCB-15 BUCN JOEL J. CUMMINGS SCHOLARSHIP - This scholarship was established by the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion-15 in memory of Joel J. Cummings. Joel was born October 7, 1958, graduated from Benson High School, Omaha, Nebraska, in 1978, and joined the U. S. Naval Reserve in May of 1979.  He graduated top of his "A" school class on January 18, 1980. Assigned to RNMCB-15, Omaha Detachment 0515, he was attached to their air detachment during their Active Duty Training at Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  Shortly after their arrival, Joel was killed in an accident while performing his duties.  RNMCB-15 is a reserve Seabee battalion comprised of officers and enlisted personnel from Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Naval reserve personnel have often been called "twice a citizen" because of their dual role as both civilians during the week and military personnel during the weekends.

28. BOYLE ENGINEERING CORPORATION SCHOLARSHIP - This scholarship was established by Boyle Engineering Corporation, a large multi-discipline engineering design firm, with operations throughout the United States and overseas.  The key members of the staff have served in the active and reserve Seabees.  At the time of the scholarship's establishment, the president and chief executive officer was Rear Admiral Thomas S. Maddock, CEC, USNR, who served as Commander of the 18,000 man Reserve Naval Construction Force from 1983 to 1985.

29. CDR JOSEPH R. DECKER, CEC, USNR SCHOLARSHIP - Established by Mrs. Gertrude Decker in memory of her husband.

30. CAPT WALTER T. ECKBERG, CEC, USN SCHOLARSHIIP - Established by Mrs. W. T. Eckberg in 1980 in memory of her late husband who died in September 1976.  Entering the Naval Academy from New York, he was graduated with the Class of 1924.  After service in Wyoming, he opted for the Civil Engineer Corps. Duty at the Boston Naval Yard was followed by tours in Charleston and Key West, then a two year stint in Guam.  His assignment to the New York Naval Shipyard was interrupted by World War II, at which point he was made officer-in-charge of the training of the Seabees at Gulfport, followed by duty in Pearl Harbor.  He was recalled to Guam where he was in charge of construction of the advanced base after the recapture of the island.  He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for this service. Duty in various posts followed and he was retired from active duty in 1956.

31. NAVAL MOBILE CONSTRUCTION BATTALION 17 SCHOLARSHIP - This scholarship was established in October 1984 by the dedicated members of NMCB-17, headquartered at Port Hueneme, California, in memory of the men who have died while members of this battalion.  It also stands as a tribute to the late BUCS Fred G. Silva, who best symbolized a true Seabee -- "A Seabee is one who cares for his country, community, fellow Seabees and, most of all, his supporting family."

32. NAVAL MOBILE CONSTRUCTION BATTALION 22/ NAVAL MOBILE CONSTRUCTION BATTALION 28 SCHOLARSHIP - Established by the members of RNMCB-22 and RNMCB-28 to commemorate the recall to active duty of RNMCB-22 in 1968 for service in Vietnam. Upon RNMCB-22's mobilization, RNMCB-28 was established in the same geographical area. When RNMCB-22 returned to reserve status, this south-central area was divided between the two units.  Thus, the activated Seabees today identify with both units.  They funded this scholarship through numerous fund raising activities over several years.

33. NAVAL MOBILE CONSTRUCTION BATTALION 12 SCHOLARSHIP - Established in 1980 through contributions of the NMCB 12.

34. THE FELIX DEWELDON SCHOLARSHIP - Established by world renowned sculptor, Felix deWeldon, creator of the Seabee Memorial monument and the Iowa Jima monument.  Mr. deWeldon was also a member of the SMSA Board of Directors.

- Established by Captain Anthony P. Pasquariello shortly before his untimely death in 1981. Captain Pasquariello established this scholarship in honor of his sister as "a living tribute which would continue as a permanent memorial for a self-effacing lady who has devoted her entire life to God, family and community; and is still so doing with undiminished commitment."  For Captain Pasquariello, she was "...a veritable rock, an inexhaustible tower of strength and source of inspiration in support of my formal education, military career and professional work in civilian life.  She has carried, and continues to carry, a blazing torch for the Seabees and their famed Can-Do spirit."

36. CAPT ANTHONY P. PASQUARIELLO, CEC, USNR SCHOLARSHIP - Established by Captain Pasquariello's son, Anthony A. Pasquariello, shortly after the Captain's untimely death in 1981.  Captain Pasquariello was a gaduate of Yale University who served with the United States Navy during World War II.  He was a registered professional engineer in the State of Connecticut, and founded CESCO Steel, Inc. in Torrington, Connecticut in 1946.  He was very proud of his military service as a captain in the Civil Engineer Corps, United States Naval Reserves and maintained a strong interest in the Corps throughout his life.  Upon establishing the scholarship in memory of his father, Mr. Pasquariello wrote that his father was a man of integrity, courage and perseverance who, in spite of his busy life, always had time to be a good husband and father; instilling in his children the importance of conducting themselves as respectable Christians and Citizens.

37. CEC ASSOCIATION OF HAWAII - Established by the Civil Engineer Corps Association of Hawaii through proceeds from their annual golf tournament.

 - This scholarship was established in December 1982 by LCDR Belsito's widow, Mrs. Elizabeth A. Belsito. Lieutenant Commander Belsito was a member of the Civil Engineer Corps Naval Reserves and served with the Seabees during World War II and the Korean Conflict. During WW II, Commander Belsito served as headquarters company commander with the 96th Naval Construction Battalion in the Azores and later in the Philippines.  He also served with the Naval Air Facility at Port Lyautey, French Morocco as project manager and assistant public works officer, as well as liaison officer and interpreter with the French government. During the Korean Conflict period he was attached to Headquarters Support Activities in Naples, Italy under the command of Admiral Robert B. Carney, then Commander-in-Chief of the U. S. Naval Forces Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean. Assignments were resident officer in charge of construction and assistant public works officer for the area.  Subsequently, Commander Belsito was attached to the Fifth Naval District at Norfolk, Virginia, where he was resident officer in charge of construction at the Oceana Naval Air Station until his retirement.  Commander Belsito died in 1980 and is interred in Arlington National Cemetery.

39. THE RADM ROY "L" DUNLAP, CEC, USNR (Ret) SCHOLARSHIP - Established by the staff which supported Rear Admiral Dunlap during his assignment as Commander, Reserve Naval Construction Force/First Reserve Naval Construction Brigade from October 1981 through September 1983.  Rear Admiral Dunlap began his military career in 1945 as a Marine private.  He was commissioned Ensign, Civil Engineer Corps in 1952 and subsequently held various billets in the Reserve Seabee Program. In April 1968, with then-Commander Dunlap serving as its Commanding Officer, Reserve Naval Mobile Construction Battalion-22 was recalled to active duty.  RNMCB-22 earned the Meritorious Unit Commendation and the Navy Unit Commendation for its service in Vietnam; RADM Dunlap was awarded the Legion of Merit with Combat "V". RADM Dunlap remained Commanding Officer of RNMCB-22 until 1971.  He subsequently served as Commander, NINTH Reserve Construction Regiment and Chief of Staff, First Reserve Naval Construction Brigade.  In June, 1979 he was promoted to Rear Admiral and served as Director, Facilities Engineering Program and Deputy Chief of Staff for Construction Management, Commander-in-Chief, U. S. Naval Forces Europe.  He retired on 30 September 1983 having served as Commander, Reserve Naval Construction Force. "May the recipient of the ROY L. DUNLAP SCHOLARSHIP be as inspired by this honor as we have been inspired and honored to serve with him."

40. THE SVA SUNSHINE STATE SCHOLARSHIP (SVA#3) - Established by the Seabee Veterans of America, an organization comprised principally of World War II veterans from every state. Their members came from the original 10,000 officers and 300,000 men who were Seabees during World War II. They have been active supporters of the SMSA's scholarship program since its inception and are responsible for several SMSA scholarship grants.
41. THE KATHERINE KING SCHOLARSHIP - Established by Rear Admiral Philip V. King, CECUSNR (Ret) in honor of his wife to recognize her contribution to his naval reserve career. During the untold hours, days, and weeks of his absences over the thirty years he served as a reserve officer, she lent her support by willingly and efficiently managing their home and family with uncommon self-reliance. She did this without complaint and in spite of a serious handicap which confined her to a wheelchair for most of her adult life.

42. THE CAPTAIN AND MRS. GEORGE F. TITRINGTON SCHOLARSHIP - Established by the commanders and commanding officers of CAPT Titrington's former commands (RNMCB-23, the Sixth RNCR, and RNCBLANT), to honor the memory of a true patriot who considered his service in the Naval Reserve, and earlier as an enlisted marine in World War II, an honor and a privilege. Captain and Mrs. Titrington were killed in an automobile accident on February 6, 1982.

43. THE CAPTAIN EARL H. THOUREN, CEC, USNR (Ret) SCHOLARSHIP - Established by Captain Thouren in August, 1985 as a gesture of his support of the SMSA scholarship program.

44. SW2 (DV) ROBERT DEAN STETHEM SCHOLARSHIP - Established in October, 1985 through memorial gifts to the Seabee Memorial Scholarship Association. Robert Stethem was killed by Shiite terrorists during the June, 1985 hijacking of TWA Flight 847. As a member of the Norfolk-based Underwater Construction Team 1, Steelworker 2nd Class (Diver) Robert Dean Stethem had just completed an underwater construction job in Nea Makri, Greece. He was on his way home when terrorists hijacked his flight. Because he was an American serviceman, he was singled out and brutally beaten, then killed.

45. THE CAPTAIN EUGENE J. PELTIER, JR., CEC, USN (Ret) SCHOLARSHIP - Established by Rear Admiral Eugene J. Peltier in memory of his son. Captain Peltier was a native of Chanute, Kansas. He was a member of the U. S. Naval Academy's Class of 1958 and received a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York and a master's degree in civil engineering from Stanford University. His assignments as a Navy Civil Engineer Corps officer took him to Spain, Vietnam, Florida, Little Creek, Virginia, Diego Garcia, and Washington, D. C. At the time of his retirement in February 1985, he was the Deputy Commander for Facilities Acquisition at the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia.During his distinguished Navy career, Captain Peltier received numerous medals and awards, including three Legions of Merit, one of which was awarded posthumously; two Navy Commendation Medals; the Navy Achievement Medal, and two Meritorious Unit Commendations. Captain Peltier was a registered professional engineer in Virginia and a member of The Society of American Military Engineers, Tau Beta Pi and Chi Epsilon Engineering Honor Societies, and the American Society of Civil Engineers. Captain Peltier died of leukemia on September 28, 1985, and was interred at Arlington National Cemetery following full military honors.

46. THE RALPH RICHARDS 60th NCB SCHOLARSHIP (SVA #4) - Established by the Seabee Veterans of America (#4) in memory of Ralph Alonzo Richards, who was an active member of the SVA until his death in February, 1985. Mr. Richards was a native of Detroit where he worked 33 years for the Ford Motor Company. He interrupted his civilian life at the age of 38 when he enlisted in the Seabees on November 28, 1942 and was subsequently sent to Davisville, RI where the 60th Battalion was formed at Camp Endicott. In February of 1943, the battalion was sent to the South Pacific where the 60th built four major air fields. After 22 months of active duty the battalion was shipped home. Upon return, the 60th was decommissioned and the men were reassigned to other battalions after a few months of leave. Mr. Richard's next assignment was with the 133rd Battalion where he served until the end of the War. He was discharged from active status in November of 1945 and enlisted in the Reserves in 1955. Remembered by his friends and fellow Seabees as a compassionate man who lived to serve others, Ralph retired and moved to Zephyrhills, Florida in 1957 after his wife's death where he became active in community life.

47. THE CAROLYN BUSSEY SAUNDERS SCHOLARSHIP - Established by Captain Louis N. Saunders, Jr., CEC, USN (Ret) in memory of his wife. Mrs. Bussey was the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Randall Bussey of Troy, New York. She attended the Katherine Gibbs School in New York City and Russell Sage College in Troy, New York. She and Captain Saunders were married in 1943 and traveled extensively during his Navy career. Mrs. Bussey worked as a secretary during the World War II years, and later in the pharmacy department of Bataan Hospital, Albuquerque, New Mexico. She also ran a travel agency for Special Services at the Naval Station, Sangley Point Philippines. She was a member of the Junior League, Daughters of the American Revolution, Benefactors Circle of the Zoological Society of San Diego, Producers Club of KPBS and Republican Womens Club of Rancho Bernardo. Her volunteer work included Navy Relief in Washington, D. C. and San Diego, and social service work in the Veterans Hospitals in Alburquerque, NM and Oakland, CA.

48. THE LCDR WILLIAM A. FOWLER SCHOLARSHIP -Established by LCDR Fowler "in the hope that it will help someone in their pursuit of an education..." LCDR Fowler attended Rutgers University and NJ State Teachers College.
49. THE CAPTAIN ARTHUR J. BENLINE, CEC, USNR (Ret) SCHOLARSHIP - This scholarship is one of three established by Captain Benline, a native of New York, whose interest in the Seabees and the Civil Engineer Corps has never diminished even though he retired from service shortly after WWII. He served in both the Pacific and Atlantic theaters during WWII and commanded the 70th Naval Construction Battalion. Following the war, he returned to the New York City Housing and Buildings Department as Technical Director of the State Building Code Department. He later accepted an appointment as the Commissioner of Air Pollution Control for the State.

50. THE PEGGY CORNELL BENLINE SCHOLARSHIP - This scholarship is one of three established by Captain Arthur J. Benline, CEC, USNR (Ret). Mrs. Benline, who died August 30, 1986 at the age of 82, was the beloved wife of Captain Benline. She was known for her dancing in Europe and later as a Ziegfeld dancer. She studied dance with Isadora Duncan in the early 20's and subsequently appeared in many European productions. Upon her return to the United States, she appeared in Florenz Ziegfeld's "Rio Rita" in 1927, and "Show Boat" in 1932.

51. THE DAVID V. MILNE SCHOLARSHIP - Established by Lenore H. Tomey in memory of her grandfather, who was a Seabee.
52. THE MARCELLA R. DAILY SCHOLARSHIP - Established by Captain Charles S. Daily, CEC, USN (Ret) in memory of his wife who was a Physical Education teacher. Mrs. Daily was educated in New York schools, graduating from Savage Physical Education School in 1928. She obtained her Masters Degree in 1938. She taught in schools from the East Coast to Hawaii during the twenty-odd years she spent as a teacher of both physical education and kindergarten.

53. THE PACIFIC FLEET NAVAL CONSTRUCTION FORCE SCHOLARSHIP - Established in 1987 by the Civil Engineer Corps Association of Hawaii through funds raised at their annual golf tournament.

54. THE CAPTAIN JOHN R. ANDERSON, CEC, USNR (Ret) SCHOLARSHIP - Established in 1987 by Captain Anderson of San Marino, California, President of RAE-MAR Development Inc. Captain Anderson began his Navy career during WWII when he interrupted his college education to enlist in the United States Navy. He received his Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering in 1948 and was commissioned an Ensign in the CEC Reserves in 1949. His career as a structural engineer in Los Angeles County culminated in a private practice, which realized 30 years of successful operation.

55. THE EQCM ROBERT J. MANKEY SCHOLARSHIP - Master Chief Mankey was Command Master Chief of Reserve Naval Construction Battalion26 at the time of his death on May 23, 1984. As a member of Division 9-37, he became a plank owner of RNMCB 26 in May of 1963 when the division was assigned to the newly established battalion. Throughout his career he always made a special effort to know the personnel in the Battalion and remember personal items so that he was able to carry on a conversation with them. He respected and cared for everyone he came in contact with and in doing so, he was well respected by everyone.

56. THE SEABEE VETERANS OF AMERICAN SW2 (DV) ROBERT DEAN STETHEM SCHOLARSHIP (SVA#6)- One of two SMSA scholarships in memory of Robert Stethem who was killed by Shiite terrorists during the June, 1985 hijacking of TWA Flight 847. As a member of the Norfolk-based Underwater Construction Team 1, Steelworker 2nd Class (Diver) Robert Dean Stethem had just completed an underwater construction job in Nea Makri, Greece. He was on his way home when terrorists hijacked his flight. Because he was an American serviceman, he was singled out and brutally beaten, then killed. The first scholarship grant was established in October, 1985 through memorial gifts to the Seabee Memorial Scholarship Association. This second grant was establish in November, 1988 by the Seabee Veterans of America through funds raised by them.

57. THE EILEEN M. ANDERSON SCHOLARSHIP - Established by Captain John R. Anderson, CEC, USNR (Ret) in honor of his wife.

58. THE ROSS NEWCOMB BROWN SCHOLARSHP -Established by RADM and Mrs. Peter R. Brown, his parents; and by Mrs. Diana Brown, his widow.

59. NAVY CEC SPOUSES SCHOLARSHIP- Established through a joint effort by various Civil Engineer Spouses' Clubs from around the world. Members of the CEC Spouses' Clubs include spouses of both active and retired officers.

60. RADM PETER CORRADI SCHOLARSHIP - Established by Patricia Corradi Condron and Carol Bevins, in memory of their father, Rear Admiral Peter Corradi, who died in December 1988 at the age of 78. Admiral Corradi was born in Brooklyn, NY, and attended New York University where he received a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering. While working as an engineer with the New York Board of Water Supply, he was commissioned a lieutenant (j.g.) in the Civil Engineer Corps Reserve and called to active duty as a Resident Officer in charge of construction of shipbuilding facilities at Portsmouth, N.H. During World War II, he was assigned to the Seabees and served as Commanding Officer of a construction battalion on several Pacific islands. His wartime decorations include the Bronze Star Medal with Combat "V". In 1965, in recognition of his leadership in the CEC and the Bureau of Yards and Docks, of which he was named Chief in 1962, Rear Admiral Corradi was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal by the President of the United States.

61. THE M.C.P.O. EDWARD AND MRS. MILDRED CAMARA CAMPION SCHOLARSHIP- Established by M.C.P.O. Edward Campion in December 1989. Master Chief Campion emigrated from England to Rhode Island in 1929. After graduation from high school in 1942, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy. His first assignment was as an apprentice seaman at Woodworkers School in San Diego. In 1943, he was transferred to the U.S.S. Patuxent in New Caledonia. Before his discharge in February 1946, he received the Asiatic Pacific Service Medal with eight stars, the Philipine Liberation Ribbon with one star, and the Occupation of Japan Service Medal. Master Chief Campion re-enlisted in the Navy twice, and was called to active duty in 1950 and 1968. In recognition for this efforts while serving in Vietnam, he received the Combat Action Ribbon, and the F.M.F. Operations Insignia, as well as other Vietnamese medals and ribbons. Following his assignment to RNMCB-12 in 1969, he retired with pay as C.U.C.M. in November 1984. His wife, Mildred, was reared in Rhode Island and attended school there, receiving her Bachelor of Education degree in 1950 and her Master of Education degree in 1959. She taught in the elementary schools in several Rhode Island communities before retiring in 1985. Master Chief and Mrs. Campion were married in June 1954 and have two children.

62. THE CAPTAIN CHARLES S. DAILY AND MARCELLA S. DAILY SCHOLARSHIP - Established by Captain Daily in 1990. Captain Daily received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering in 1928 and served as an officer in the Civil Engineer Corps before retiring in 1960. During this time, he served as a Commanding Officer of the CBC in Gulfport, MS, participated in engineering projects in Greece, Turkey, and Italy, supervised construction contracts in the Pacific Ocean, and was Resident Officer in Charge of Construction in the British Isles during World War II. Captain Daily established a scholarship in 1988, in memory of his late wife, Marcella. Mrs. Daily taught physical education and kindergarten for twenty years from the East Coast to Hawaii.

63. THE S.V.A. ROBERT C. ELROD - 9TH NAVAL CONSTRUCTION BATTALION SCHOLARSHIP (SVA #7)-Established by Mary Smiley Elrod in 1989 in memory of her late husband who proudly served with the 9th NCB. It is the seventh SVA scholarship.

64. THE REAR ADMIRAL AND MRS. GEORGE REIDER SCHOLARSHIP - This scholarship, established in 1989, is the second scholarship funded by Admiral Reider. Admiral Reider was the first president of the Seabee Memorial Scholarship Association, as well as the first commander of the First Reserve Naval Construction Brigade.

65. THE LADY, ELIZABETH MARIE DAILY WHITE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP ISLAND - 24, (SVA #8) - Established by Charles Wallace White in 1989 in memory of his wife, Elizabeth. This is the eighth SVA scholarship.

66. THE ROBERT MCALPIN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP - Established in 1990 through the estate of his wife, Margaret McAlpin.

67. THE REAR ADMIRAL RICHARD M. ROHRBACH MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP - Established in 1990 by various officers and enlisted personnel, as well as retired individuals in memory of Admiral Rohrbach who was promoted to Rear Admiral posthumously.

68. THE ANNIE VERTICE WALLACE WHITE WOOD, ISLAND X-24, SVA MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP (SVA#9) - Established in 1990 by Charles Wallace White in memory of his sister. This is the second scholarship established by Charles Wallace White and the ninth SVA scholarship.

69. THE CAPTAIN HERBERT P. LEVINE, CEC, USNR-R SCHOLARSHIP - Established in 1991 by Captain Herb Levine.

70. THE ANNIE-LOW CATTLY WALLACE WHITE WOOD, ISLAND X-24 SVA MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP (SVA#10)- Established by Charles Wallace White in 1992 in memory of his sister. This is the third scholarship established by him and the tenth SVA scholarship.

71. SVA CECIL N. GOULD, PNC (SVA#11) - Established in November 1994 and named in honor of Cecil Gould at the SVA National Convention in 1997

72. THE THOMAS A. MURPHY 42ND BATT. (SVA #5) SCHOLARSHIP- Established in April 1986 by Clara Hill Murphy in tribute to her husband, Chief Petty Officer Thomas A. Murphy.


74. THE CCM ROY E. SCHAEFFER, SVA 136TH NCB (SVA #12) SCHOLARSHIP- Established in December 1995 by Roy E. Schaeffer who served as a Chief Carpenter’s Mate with the 136th Construction Battalion in World War II.

75. THE PETER AND DOROTHY A. YOUNG MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP-Established in December, 1996 through a gift by the estate of Peter Young.

76. THE SVA DONALD E. LAUBENZ, PNC (SVA #13) SCHOLARSHIP- Established in December 1996 and named in honor of Past National Commander Donald Laubenz.

77. THE CHARLES W.  WHITE MEMORIAL (SVA #14) SCHOLARSHIP-Established in 1996 through the will of Charles Wallace White in memory of his father.

78. THE CHARLES W. WHITE MEMORIAL (SVA #15) SCHOLARSHIP- Established in 1996 through the will of Charles Wallace White in memory of his father.

79. THE MM3 DALE ELVIN VIERS 75TH NCB (SVA #16) SCHOLARSHIP- Established in December 1997 by his widow, Laurla.​

80. THE CAPT EARL J. RALPH SCHOLARSHIP- Established in May, 1998 by hi wife, Mrs. Mary P. Ralph.

81. THE SVA HENRY G. (HANK) BRAZIL (SVA #17) SCHOLARSHIP- Established in December 1998 and named in honor of Henry (Hank) Brazil.

82. THE CDR A. PEKARSKY & LCDR S. PEKARSKY #2 SCHOLARSHIP-Established in December, 1998.

- Established in December 1998 by CWO4 Edward D’Angelo.

84. THE CDR PETER A. YOUNG, JR. SCHOLARSHIP- Established in December, 1999.

85. THE MARY PATRICK RALPH SCHOLARSHIP- Established in July, 2000.


87. THE CAPTAIN JAMES DOUGLAS SCHOLARSHIP-Established in December, 2000.

-Established in December, 2000 by CAPT James Douglas in honor of his father-in-law.

- Established in February 2002 in memory of “Mister Seabee” Tom Reside.

90. THE SVA J. LEPTICH & W. ZONSIUS (SVA #20) SCHOLARSHIP-Established in December 2003 in memory of John Leptich and Willard Zonsius.

91. THE COMMANDER PETER A. YOUNG, JR. #2 SCHOLARSHIP-Established in December, 2006

92. THE F. E. “ED” JONES & GLORIA JONES (SVA #21) SCHOLARSHIP- Established in December 2006 by Ed and Gloria Jones. 

93. THE MM3 NOAH LONG SR & RADM NOAH LONG JR. SCHOLARSHIP-Established in July, 2010 by RADM Noah H. Long, JR.

94. THE WILLIAM PRESTON TUTHILL SCHOLARSHIP-Established in December 1996 by Mary Tuthill, widow of Mr. Tuthill, son CAPT w. Lee Tuthill and sister Jane Chapman.

95. THE SVA JOHN W. FLETCHER, PNC (SVA #22) SCHOLARSHIP-Established in April 2006 and named in honor of Past National Commander, John W. Fletcher.

96. THE SERGEANT JAMES R. SEALS USAF (RET) SCHOLARSHIP-Established in September, 2006 by his widow Emma Anita Seals.

97. THE GABRIEL RAY PLOCKMEYER SCHOLARSHIP-Established in April, 2007 by his surviving parents Dennis and Jamee Plockmeyer

98. THE UTCM JOHN W. MAGANDY SCHOLARSHIP-Established in March, 2008 by his widow Janet and their children Maureen, Pam, Debbie, Michael, Peggy, Kate, Laura and Tim. 


100. THE JANE K. & CDR JAMES C. FARLEY, SR., CEC, USN SCHOLARSHIP-Established in December, 2009.

101. THE RADM JAMES & MRS. MARGARET BARTLETT SCHOLARSHIP-Established in March, 2010 by son CAPT James Bartlett in honor of his parents.

-Established in March, 2010.

103. THE CAPT & MRS. E. BRIAN SMITH SCHOLARSHIP-Established in June, 2010.

104. THE RADM THOMAS & MRS. MARY LOU GROSS SCHOLARSHIP-Established in April, 2010.

-Established in April, 2010.


107. THE LEO H. BOCK III/WALTER G. BOLL TRUST SCHOLARSHIP-Established in March, 2011 by Walter G. Boll.

108. THE NSVA NATIONAL SECRETARY MEL RAMIGE (SVA#23) SCHOLARSHIP- Established in October 2010 and named in honor of NSVA National Secretary Mel Ramige for 20 years of dedicated service to the NSVA.

109. THE AECOM SCHOLARSHIP-Established in June, 2011 by AECOM.

110. THE CE3 ALAN J. FRAME & MARY ELLEN FRAME SCHOLARSHIP-Established in Established in March, 2011.

111. THE RADM ROBERT C. MARLAY SCHOLARSHIP-Established in December, 2011.

112. THE HERMAN A. SEUSS (SVA #24) SCHOLARSHIP- Established in September 2011 through the will of Herman A. Seuss.

113. THE SAME SCHOLARSHIP-Established in December, 2011 by the Society of American Engineers.

114. THE CDR RUSSELL A. MAZZEO SCHOLARSHIP-Established in December, 2011 by a gift in his will.

115. THE NANCY JEFFREYS SMITH SCHOLARSHIP-Established in December, 2011 by RADM C.R. Smith.

116. THE DONALD AND MARTHA ROGERS SCHOLARSHIP- Established in 2012 by a gift from the estate of Don and Martha Rogers. Don was a WWII Seabee.

-Established in December, 2012.

118. The CDR Duane Wolfe, CEC, USN Scholarship- Established in February 2014 by CAPT William Keller, CEC, USN (Ret) in honor of CDR Wolfe's tireless service to the Navy and his ultimate sacrifice to our nation. 

119. The COX Charles and Erma Sarahan Scholarship- Established in December 2013 by the Sarahan's. COX Sarahan was a WWII Seabee who served in the pacific.

​120. The CAPT Larry Smith, CEC, USN (Ret) Scholarship- Established in February 2014 by CAPT Smith's shipmates from the Northeast Seabee Golf Tournament in honor of his service to the Navy, The Civil Engineer Corps and the Seabees and in recognition of his tireless efforts to support Seabee families through the Northeast Seabee Golf Tournament. 

121. The RADM Jon Ives and Ann Dale Ives Scholarship- Established in April 2014 by RADM Ives.

122.  CDR James F. and Shirley G. Morton Scholarship- Established in 2015 by Darren and Jodi Morton.  

​123. CAPT & Mrs Keith T. Kalberg Scholarship- Established in 2015 by CAPT and Mrs. Kalberg.

124. CDR Peter A. Young #3 Scholarship- Established in 2015 through a gift in CDR Young's Estate.

125. Edward and Carol Freye Scholarship- Established in 2016 by Edward and Carol Freye.

126. CDR Peter A. Young #4 Scholarship- Established in 2015 through a gift in CDR Young's Estate.

127. CAPT's Tracy and Lloyd Mustin Scholarship- Established in 2016 by CAPT Tracy Mustin, CEC, USN (Ret) and CAPT Lloyd Mustin, USN (Ret). 

128. The COX Charles A. Sarahan Scholarship- Established in 2016 by Mr. Sarahan.

129. Frank Peter Dionisio Scholarship- Established in 2016 by John Dionisio 

130. RADM Charles R. "Dick" Smith Scholarship- Established in 2017 by RADM Charles R. "Dick" Smith"

131. Mary Heckman Tuthill Scholarship- Established in 2017 by Lee and Preston Tuthill

132. Edward and Carol Freye Two Year Scholarship- Established in 2017 by Chief Edward Freye and Carol Freye 

133. BU2 Michael C. Anderson Memorial Scholarship- Established in 2017 by the Washington DC Seabee Golf Invitational 

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