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Association's Structure

Members of the Association include all Seabees and friends of the Seabees who have contributed funds toward the Association’s purpose.  Each member receives a newsletter published periodically to keep them advised of the Association, and a copy of the annual Seabee calendar.

The Board of Directors is composed
of volunteer CEC officers and Seabees and corporate executives committed to providing educational opportunities to Seabee Families. 

The Scholarship Selection Committee
consists of a cross section of officer and enlisted Seabees, and includes the
Master Chief of the Seabees, the National Commander of the Seabee Veterans of
America, and a representative from the CEC Spouses Club.  This board meets annually in May to review applications and select scholarship recipients for the upcoming school year. 

Our Team

CAPT Steve Hamer, CEC, USN (Ret)-

Chief Development Officer-
Dan Miller-

Senior Development Officer-

Administrative Assistant-
Meg Boone-

The Board-click here  for a complete list of the board and officers

Send Donations to:

​PO Box 667
​Gulfport, MS 39502


Association's Purpose

In 1970, the Seabee Memorial Association was formed to sponsor and build a monument in Washington, DC to honor the memory of those who served in Naval Construction Battalions.  As the Memorial was being constructed, the Association changed to the Seabee Memorial Scholarship Association (SMSA) to provide scholarships for the children of Seabees and CEC Officers.

Since 1972, through the generosity of its supporters, SMSA has provided approximately 2,800 scholarships to children and grandchildren of Seabees and CEC Officers seeking a college education.  Over the years, SMSA has increased the value of each scholarship from $600 to $3,300, and the number of students with SMSA scholarships in any year has grown from 6 to over 80. The SMSA desires to double the scholarship award amount in order to keep up with the rising costs of a college education, and to increase the number of students receiving scholarships.

​Important Facts:

  • SMSA has awarded over 2,800 scholarships since 1972

  • As of 2017, SMSA has 133 named scholarships

  • On average, we receive hundreds of applications and award scholarships to 18-25 new students each year

  • Total value of scholarships awarded is over  $5 million, with the current value of each award at $3,300

  • Over half of SMSA Scholarship recipients study Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM)

  • ​82% of our students graduate in four years- more than double the national average of 39%. 

Seabee Memorial Scholarship Association

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